MOVE Vision

God has done amazing things here at Sterchi Hills over the past six years.  When the revitalization began we had an attendance of around 60 people.  Fast forward six years, our average attendance is over 400 people during the pandemic!  We are so blessed that God has allowed to build a new facility to reach our community.  There are going to be a lot of great things happen here at Sterchi Hills! It’s time for us to MOVE!



We currently offer a 9:00am Drive-in Service for those who may not feel comfortable meeting inside.  

When you pull up, tune your radio to 107.1 to listen to the service!  We also offer a 10:30am inside service. 


Our Mission


We want to be a church that knows Jesus intimately


We want our church family to grow together as a community of Jesus followers


We want to go next door and around the world to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.